Convert Your Prospects to Customers with Video Testimonials

Customer testimonials are one of the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal to persuade a prospect to make a purchase.

Why? Because testimonials give a prospect the reassurance and confidence that their decision to buy is a sound one. This is reflected in how important online customer reviews have become in recent years.  Those reviews are often the most important – and most persuasive – source of information to shoppers.

But as effective as written testimonials are- and you should take every opportunity to obtain and leverage them – video testimonials are even more effective.  In fact, according to an Animoto survey people are 4 times more likely to watch a video about a product than read about it.

Video testimonials are more effective because video is more engaging than static text.  Videos personalize the message and, if done effectively, convey emotion and trust.  In short, videos are a natural medium for compelling storytelling.

“People are 4 times more likely to watch a video about a product than read about it.” – Animoto survey

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