Digital Journalist Training at CBS News

When I first started working for CBS News in Boston, a freelance cameraperson named David Marlin hired me to help him work the 1984 presidential campaign.

Thirty years later, I’m back at CBS as one of the professionals working with a new breed of digital journalists. I visited 2 weeks ago to teach the journalists how to use their equipment and capture the best footage possible as they travel the country over the next 15 months following the 2016 presidential candidates.

Here I am at the conclusion of our two-day immersion into shooting, standing with the 6 young and ambitious new digital journalists. Also photographed with us in the well-known, recently-retired CBS journalist/anchor and chief Washington correspondent, Bob Schieffer.

I wish the journalists all the best in their journey and I have faith that they can put the knowledge they learned into action in order to accomplish their goals of covering the campaigns and producing their own stories.