MiB Mediaworks, new offerings and expanded market opportunities as Matt Brodie steps into leadership role.

Caldwell, NJ Feb 7, 2022 – After more than 20 years in business as owner and president for MiB Mediaworks, Mark Brodie has partnered with his son Matt to help manage their growing business.

Matt, has more than ten years of production experience as a cinematographer, camera operator, and editor. He cut his teeth in Los Angeles, where he spent 7 years on a wide range of productions from feature films to industrials. Since returning to the east coast Matt has been an integral part of MiB, acting as its lead cinematographer and editor and has breathed a fresh new perspective into the company’s work.

With Matt taking over some of the production and post management duties, MiB Mediaworks will continue to offer the decades of experience and professionalism its clients expect while gaining a fresh new perspective. Matt has worked for clients in a whole host of industries such as the luxury car market, where precise lighting and a dynamic look are a must; he has worked on feature films, developing a strong eye for cinematic imagery and honing his problem-solving skills in an environment known for long hours and high stakes; he also possesses extensive knowledge of the latest in filmmaking technology such drones, gimbals, and new camera systems.

All of these skills and experiences make Matt uniquely qualified to help lead MiB into the new decade.Through his leadership, the company will help its clients rise to the challenges of a video-saturated world and make sure their important stories are told, with exceptional expertise.

Please join us in congratulating Matt on his new role with MiB Mediaworks!

For more information about how MiB can help tell your story, please contact: Matt Brodie, Matt@wordpress-255441-1424228.cloudwaysapps.com