Corporate Podcast

Podcasting Within the Corporate Arena

Podcasting is a growing trend among media-consumers across varied demographics, so why not use this communication approach in corporate settings?

Podcasts are seizing the attention of media-consumers across the globe, covering topics ranging from politics and news to cooking and literature. They are web-based talk shows that can be downloaded and played to wherever and whenever it’s convenient for the listener. Podcasting is a cheaper way to digitally share knowledge, opinions and tell stories. This simple technology can be used by just about any eager speaker, regardless of his or her level of expertise.

Moreover, podcasts are proving to be worthwhile tools within the business sphere; whether they are used to connect teams of employees across departments, or relay messages from leaders to their entire organization. From dispersing pertinent announcements directly from the CEO to educating newly hired employees or explaining organizational protocols, podcasts can package and deliver it all. Rather than reading a lengthy and unsightly email, a quick podcast can inform a multitude of listeners in a far more personable and engaging manner.

When it comes to enterprise wide podcasts for business, audio-clarity is just as important as content-quality. Skimping on less expensive mic and audio recording techniques is a content killer. How can you get connected when the person sounds like they a are across the room, your audience won’t spend a second listening if the audio is not crisp and clear?

Just like creating a completing and informative video, MiB Mediaworks provide clients with high quality digital technology to record, edit, and produce clean and captivating podcasts. The importance of constructing a crisp and audible podcast is not to be understated, as it reflects a company`s competence and commitment to excellence.

Mark I. Brodie, President and Director of films for MiB Mediaworks, is an Emmy-winning editor / corporate producer and documentary filmmaker with over 30 years’ experience working for National and international organizations. MiB Mediaworks is a full-service video production company serving corporate clients who are looking to enhance their internal and external communications.

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