Production Services

Production Services


camera-services-mib-mediaworks-1Clients count on us to deliver exceptional service.

Whether you need a two or three person remote video production camera crew or a video production studio full of actors and technicians for a feature film, we have the resources to make it happen.

Need to edit a documentary, marketing piece or broadcast commercial? You can rely on our top editors to create the most compelling program on our Avid Symphony, Adobe Premiere Pro, or FCP X systems.

Our in-house staff is supported by partnerships with only the best freelancers, advertising agencies, public relations firms, and marketing companies that deliver the services you need and want at a price that fits any budget.

  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Crews and Equipment
  • Avid Symphony, Adobe Premier Pro, FCP X Edit Suites
  • Multi format Encoding
  • DVD & Blu Ray Authoring and Duplication
  • Animation and Graphics
  • Pro Tools Audio Sweetening

Production packages & crews available 24/7

ENG: Your choice of any camera format (Sony FS-7, 5D MKIII, etc.) with 5-piece LED light kit, including softbox, wireless mics, monitor, and gaffer equipment.

Cinema Cameras: Arri Alexa, Red Dragon, etc. (Extra lighting and audio gear for larger productions, including teleprompter operator)

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You can be assured that you will be working with the best talent in the industry. We can create compelling and well-designed messages for your company. Our producers and directors are all award-winning professionals that can help guide a client from concept and scriptwriting to shooting, editing, and delivery. Whether you are looking for low-cost DV or High Definition broadcast video, we can do it better and more cost effective than most. We are proud of the high standards we put in all our work.


We offer all formats and flexible pricing to fit your budget. We shoot with the technology that best fits your project.  From the cinema style Alexa to the 5D, from the Sony 900 to the FS7, to news style cameras, we are constantly learning and adapting to the new digital technologies so they fit your needs on budget and on time.  We provide the best video production crews for network, cable, syndicated, and corporate clients. We cover entertainment, news, sports, public relations, and advertising.

MiB guarantees state of the art equipment along with the most talented, professional crews available.

We also have additional equipment available for rent or as part of your production. You choose!

  • Multicamera HD packages with fly pack, 5 cameras and hard drive recording and tech support.
  • Teleprompters
  • Jimmy Jib crane and dolly with operator
  • Steadicam – Master series and light studio.
  • Camera cars, Goldwing motorcycle with speed rails and sidecar shooting capability. 18’ speedboat.
  • Underwater video cameras and crews with trained master divers.
  • Studio Space available for Bluescreen and Greenscreen productions.
  • Multimedia and webcasting packages.
  • Drones


MiB can make your vision come alive with the latest equipment combined with our team’s 30+ years of experience creating award-winning shows for broadcast cable and corporate clients.

We have the latest technology, allowing you to use the more advanced techniques in storytelling: exciting graphics, animation, titling, and music, from 2K – 4K. We edit on Avid Symphony & Premier Pro, along with Adobe color correction, graphics, and titling. We also offer DVD & Blu Ray authoring that can include introductions, montages, and graphics for menus. Our services also include the ability to put your production on location with remote editing on Premier Pro or FCP X.

Aerial & Underwater Drone Services

Our team of professionals are here to fill your needs and dazzle your audience with breathtaking and memorable shots that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

MiB offers high quality aerial and underwater drone services so we can get the shot that’s right for your project no matter where it may be. Whether it’s landscapes, buildings, or the ocean depths, it’s not impossible for our team.


We offer complete DVD or Blu Ray duplication, and can output your files from your project to any format, including HD 1080, 720, 4K, HDV, Digital Beta, Beta, DV, DVD, and VHS. You need it, we can copy it.


We create corporate webcasts that intrigue and inform your employees, vendors, or clients. Our webcasts are well-lit so they look great, sound great, and are professionally produced. A room full of speakers, moderators, and participants can all be captured with a “you are there” feel to the on-site webcast. With MiB’s unique encoding abilities, we can transmit high-quality audio and video in real time for a streaming experience that is unparalleled. Thousands of simultaneous log ons can occur at one time, with no perceptible audio or video lag or delay.

Your audience can view live webcasts and post questions in a chat format that can either be used while the feed is live or can be archived for a later date. Webcasts allow viewers’ access to “experts” at a fraction of the cost of a personal appearance. We record the entire event and create a downloadable copy of the meeting with closed captioning. Custom messaging, introductions, and transitions can be added if you like, and the whole transmission can be edited afterwards for shorter or more topical replays to specific audiences.

Conferences and Event coverage

Promote your next event or market and sell your valuable content by creating videos of keynote presentations and seminars.

Training and Education videos

Video can help transform your educational services and MiB will deliver the best training videos available. Our professional producers, crews, and editors will give your vignettes a real-life look and feel. Your audience will learn faster, retain more, and be able to use what they learn quicker than any other method of training. Studies show using video as part of a training environment dramatically increases retention. The simple fact is that visual retention is overwhelmingly more effective than any other method used in training.