Putting “Fun” into Corporate Videos: Internal Communication Ideas to Inspire Your Employees

There are infinite options available today for delivering fun corporate videos to your employees. While it may seem unconventional, looking for ways to keep your corporate videos fun, fresh, and entertaining is a great way to show your employees that you care.

You may be serious about your company’s message, but it doesn’t hurt to occasionally present it in a lighthearted and fun way. Below are some creative internal communication ideas for campaigns that can put more fun into your business.

Get Creative with Your Internal Communication Ideas

You can keep it quick and simple by adding funny and interesting (and appropriate, of course) memes and animated Gifs to your regular corporate videos. You can place them in training videos, corporate messages, and welcome materials to help lighten up the mood.

The world has come a long way since the age of Dilbert and Garfield comics, but people still love a lighthearted workplace gag once in a while.  After all, Monday jokes will never get old.

It’s Time to Make a Movie

If you are looking to take your corporate videos further, consider the creation of a short film or documentary.

Both short films and documentaries can utilize the elements of storytelling to craft videos that highlight goals and objectives through a cohesive narrative. Due to the popularity of visual mediums, these are great for increasing employee interest and engagement.

You don’t want to bore your staff with long and drawn out lectures when instead you can create a video that communicates your company’s mission in a more evocative and impactful way.

Take it Outside

Happy employees are productive employees. So why not use your internal communication to spark a sense of happiness into your staff?

The number one way to do this involves everyone. Take a video of employee interviews or create a mission statement video that takes place on a company BBQ or trip. Your employees will love this method of recognition and value their part in that fun and exciting day.

Create an Employee Hall of Fame

Take time to feature and show off the creative and hardworking abilities of your employees through a spotlight video feature. Whether weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly, make a point to create a video that showcases the exceptional work of a selected staff member, along with a short interview or bio statement.

This is a great way to show employee appreciation, build on your existing corporate culture all while getting the chance to learn more about your colleagues.

It’s All About Being Real

When it comes down to it, your employees are going to connect and have more fun viewing a video that is honest and relatable. You can come up with great internal communication ideas, but if you don’t deliver them authentically, they will probably miss the mark.

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself when you can instead

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