Remote Video Production

Remote Video Production Solutions

VideoPods Streaming Service

Our new high-resolution digital video streaming service, VideoPods was developed to assist businesses faced with travel and attendance limitations.
VideoPods offers meeting, event streaming, and HD video recording services as an alternative to in-person conferences and on-location crews. Our system allows mobile devices to live stream in full HD or add what you need to develop a business solution for 24/7 branded broadcasting of your video content. Using the latest Mobile Apps, cell phone connectivity, and our custom streaming system, clients can stream from any device anywhere in the world.


Technology and Services to Tell Your Story Safely

As companies work to resume and continue business, messaging and communication are more important now than ever. MiB Mediawork’s remote video production capabilities range from single site corporate events, to multi-site live webcasts, to covering lives shows and performances.

Remote CaptureRemote Capture

Video recording remotely has never been so easy. Enabling you to record your video anywhere, anytime with either a smartphone, tablet or from your computer. Once you have downloaded an App, you will receive a QR code that will automatically set up your device. Then you launch the App and begin recording your video, which will automatically be saved to your device and be streamed in real-time to our secure server.

On-Location Operator with Remote Production TeamOn-Location Operator

If an in-person team is required you can choose the size of your crew and we will handle the production safely, and professionally. We can stream to a secure portal for your staff or your clients to get real-time feedback. All of which will ensure the content we capture is exactly what your organization requires, without having to meet in-person.

Studio Installations, Engineering, and ConsultingStudio Engineering

If working from your home or office is something you require, we can help guide you to the best gear and software for your specific needs. We can also assist in the installation and maintenance, ensuring a professional look without the need to bring in a production team with each new project.


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