Corporate Interviews

The Power of Corporate Video Interviews

Agencies and corporate marketing are using corporate interviews as one of the most effective tools in you’re marketing arsenal to persuade a prospect to make a purchase.

Interviews give a prospect the reassurance and confidence that their decision to partner or buy is re-assured from a solid establishment. This is reflected in how important online customer learning has become in recent years.  Those video clips are often the most important and most persuasive source of information to perspective new clientele.

Having a CEO, CFO or CMO take part in your video strategy helps brand, inform and substantiate the credibility of a company. Having a professional video team prepare and direct the filming is in your best interest for optimum production. Camera crew, grip, lighting and/or makeup need to be commanded for an honest appeal to new audiences.

Video interviews are more effective because video is more engaging than static text.  Videos personalize the message and, if done effectively, convey emotion and trust.  In short, videos are a natural medium for persuasion.

Great video content creation builds your brand and communicates your company’s services, products or direction. 

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Whether it’s a documentary, corporate message or product launch your brand is presented in a clear and concise way, easily shared with any audience.

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