MiB Mediaworks New Service and Partnership with Ziotag

I want to tell you about a new service we are offering with our partners at www.ziotag.com.

Ziotag has developed a remarkable service that I believe is going to make your clients happier and help drive a significant amount of recurring revenue for you.


The Ziotag solves an issue for my clients who produce meetings and webcasts that are too long for anyone to watch in total. It makes online videos more interesting to watchsharelearn and engage and ultimately monetize.

Ziotag’s advantages are threefold:

  • Creation of The Program Gallery which is an easily navigable video library directly on your site allowing for keyword and tag filtering.
  • Shareable videos on all major social media platforms including Facebook and Youtube, taking viewers directly to a particular point in the video making information readily accessible.
  • Empowering your website through easily digestible insights to gauge the most interacted with portions of your videos.

The Program Player, offering a number of different layouts, is arguably the crown jewel of the platform as it allows viewers to skip to specific sections within the video to get to the heart of the information they crave. The Program Gallery gives you and your viewers a visual listing of Viziotag programs embedded directly on your website.

The Ziotag service works with all types of video streaming platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and AWS as well as private streaming services. Whether you’re a creative agency or corporation seeking a better vehicle for your marketing funnel, the Viziotag service is capable of providing unparalleled control over your interactive content.

Ziotag turns passive video viewing into interactive watching, sharing, and learning experience.

Ziotag is currently working with online publishers to help them better monetize their YouTube libraries with a Viziotag based advertising service that displays banner ads and sponsorship ads matching the content of videos. This is a very powerful solution for those publishers who want to direct bill their clients rather than give up the ad revenue to YouTube.

Discover the power of Ziotag in tandem with the expertise of MiB Mediaworks. Use our appointment calendar to set up a consultation and learn how the platform can empower your business.

Ziotag is the disruptive online video platform that empowers viewers and publishers to:

  • Search inside videos the way they think, with “Concepts”
  • Watch content that is relevant to them
  • Find relevant content inside videos easily via deep tagging SEO
  • Skip content that is not relevant or interesting
  • Return to content that resonates with them
  • Share specific sections inside videos via to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and any social media platform.
  • Open the content inside videos to SEO through true deep-tagging – reduce bounce when people find just what they’re looking for.
  • Maximize ROI on your video production dollars
Through Viziotag your videos are easily accessible on a single, easy to navigate platform allowing for immediate viewing in a number of streamlined layouts.