Covid19 Safety

Working Safely During COVID-19

As states, cities and workplaces begin reopening, with COVID-19 looming in the background, you may find you have mixed thoughts and feelings about your return to your workplace. Some of you may be elated to be returning to your jobs, while others may have enjoyed working from their homes and will miss having that opportunity.

At MiB Mediaworks, the well-being and safety of our team, clients and communities is our top priority. With this in mind, we have taken a pragmatic approach to returning to work during COVID-19. We reviewed the CDC guidelines to ensure the development of best practices and procedures. We have had in depth conversations with our crew about health, safety, and recognizing symptoms in each other. And most importantly, we have developed new remote video solutions and safety protocols for video production.

During our research we found that there are many reference materials from the CDC, OSHA, etc. on how to reduce exposure and safely return to the workplace. There is truly an overwhelming amount of information on the subject. Some of which, is not produced by health agencies and requires fact checking.

Covid Safety Book IGM
Returning To Our Office Safely During Covid-19 Booklet for Human Resource Departments. By IGM Creative Group.

If you are confused and looking for a easy to read guide for your staff, we may have found the perfect solution. A NJ based agency, IGM Creative Group, produced a booklet titled “Returning to the Office Safely During COVID-19”.

Their fully illustrated booklet is an easy read and can be customized with a business logo and a personalized message. By reading this booklet you and your staff will learn tips on how to reduce the risk of exposure to coronavirus and how to stay healthy in the workplace.

For more information on ordering their booklet for your work place, you can visit IGM’s website.

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